Maitai Catamaran

Sail your worries away with Maitai Catamaran. This is definitely one of the Oahu Activities that you do not want to miss. With Maitai Catamaran there’s fun for everyone with snorkeling, dancing, sunbathing, cocktailing and sailing. Relax while sipping on your choice of Beer, Wine, Champagne, juices or soft drinks as you serenely cruise on the beautiful waters of Oahu. On these Oahu Charters enjoy majestic views of Diamond Head and Downtown Waikiki. Check in for these Oahu Tours is on the Beach behind the Sheraton Waikiki. Experience the calm breeze and take in the beautiful sights on these Oahu Charters.

On the Maitai Catamaran’s Underwater Adventure Sail engage yourself in the beautiful aquatic life. On these two hour Oahu Tours you will snorkel, swim and explore the reef. You will be taken to the most superlative diving spots off of Oahu’s coast. After your fun in the sun enjoy munching on your very own delicious picnic lunch with your choice of water, juices, or soft drinks. During the winter months you may even see the Humpback Whales as they are migrating! Snorkel gear is of course included on this exhilarating tour. Maitai Catamaran’s Underwater Adventure Sail is one of the finest Oahu Activities. Come join us the water is calling your name!

Experience calming Hawaiian Breezes as you sail on Maitai Catamaran’s Tradewinds Sail. This hour and a half daytime sail includes excellent views of the Waikiki and Diamond Head Crater. As the wind blows through your hair take in the crystal clear turquoise water and listen to music. This sail runs on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Unwind with a tropical drink and look out for marine life as the winds and waves rush by you on Maitai Catamaran’s Tradewinds Sail!

Watch as the sun dips into the Pacific on Maitai Catamaran’s Sunset Maitai Sail. On these Oahu Charters the party never ends with an endless supply of Champagne, Wine, beer and of course complimentary Maitais! Relax as you travel about five miles off Oahu’s shore and look at Waikiki’s renowned skyline. This hour and a half sail takes place nightly, with barefoot boarding right off Waikiki Beach. Choose Maitai Catamaran for your Oahu Activities!

With Maitai Catamaran’s Mahina Moonlight Sail you will experience the wondrous beauty of Waikiki at night. Sail by the light of the moon while the stars guide your way on this romantic evening cruise. This sail comes complete with the usual beverages but with the lustrous night sky as the backdrop. With this tour running only on Fridays, it’s the perfect way to watch Waikiki’s Friday night fireworks. Relax, dance, and drink the night away on Maitai Catamaran’s Mahina Moonlight Sail!

Choose Matai Catamaran for your Oahu Activities! Choose the cruise that suits you or try a few of them out, there’s always fun to be had aboard these Oahu Charters. Maitai Catamaran is one of the best Oahu Tours! Make the experience all that more enjoyable, reserve through us, save money and save your spot on one of the most entertaining Oahu Tours! Book your trip and we promise that you will not be disappointed!


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